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Who is Becky Harris?

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Hi! I’m Becky. I’m a fun loving, adventurous female in her 40’s who has a desire to make the world better through ethical, responsible & sustainable business practices and social enterprises.

I started life as a Mechanical Engineer in the UK but then broke away to work and travel across Latin America. I worked for Save the Children in Colombia and Peru, I back-packed from Peru to Canada, I bought a car in Guatemala and drove it to Toronto - It was stuck in 3rd gear for a while in Mexico and I worried it was going to be a slow trip! I lasted a year or so living in Los Angeles being an Engineer again, I met a guy and as you do, set up a tour operator in Guatemala. I lived in Guatemala for 8 years and am now back in the UK.

I have invested in and consult with a few different companies and am now embarking on an adventure to find out more about the world of social enterprise and set up a couple of my own.

I am always interested in meeting new people, networking & finding ways to collaborate. I hope you will come with me on my new adventure.

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Curious Travel
The Curious Travel Company curates personalised holidays and travel experiences that are as unique as our clients. Whether you are looking for a no-stress mini-break or an epic, transformational journey of self-discovery, we will help you realise your perfect trip. We at Curious Travel are avid explorers who are forever curious. Our curiosity for the world, its people and cultures, and our passion for bringing you meaningful, self-actualising experiences, drive us to create unforgettable trips that are tailor-made for your travel DNA.
Dream Catchers is my daughter’s invention & a social enterprise. A new way to store, view, share & gift your child’s artwork, photos, videos, hopes & dreams. It’s aim is to promote creativity in children everywhere.

Warrior Princess
Warrior Princess is all about men and women coming together to empower and support girls and promote women’s rights. We believe the world would be a better place with more girls and women empowered to live to their full potential. We want to give them the inspiration, strength, support and tools to help them achieve that
Round Creative Agency
We are a creative design & digital marketing agency who specialise in branding, websites, SEO & Social Media. We audit your current branding & marketing tools & work with you to increase traffic & sales.

Travel Kinship
Travel Kinship is a Consultancy, Accelerator & Social Enterprise set up to support Tourism Businesses (Accommodation & local operators) with strong sustainability & circular economy focus develop as both a business & in terms of sustainability. We particularly focus on strategic planning and digital marketing.
Viaventure Central America
Viaventure is the leading tour operator in Central America specialising in tailor-made holidays, family adventures & honeymoons to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala & Honduras.

MyHotel.Digital is a digital marketing agency providing low cost, quality wordpress, websites & digital marketing for accommodations of all types. As well as a website clients get advice, and ideas on how to develop their product and offering, expand their digital marketing. We are a friendly, supportive, native English speaking helping hand in the often complex world of websites & digital marketing.
Veeops Travel Software
Veeops is developing software to help organisations within the B2B & B2C travel industry share knowledge & information to improve sales & conversions & ensure that the travel supply chain adds supreme value.

My Experiences

A quick summary of the kind of things I have been involved with through my life so far.


  • Round Creative Limited

    Round Creative Limited

    Joined Dec 2014

    I employed Round Creative Agency for some marketing solutions at Viaventure I liked the company so much I invested in it. My role at Round Creative is to help us grow and develop the business in a meaningful way. A way that makes us and our clients happy. A way that stretches us all and allows us to be creative and help people grow their businesses. We are all proud of Round Creative and what we achieve here. We love going to work and working together as a team with our clients to create things that solve client’s issues…provide solutions… and ultimately help clients get more of the right kind of business and grow in a way that fits their vision.

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  • Veeops Travel Technology

    Veeops Travel Technology

    Founded Jan 2015

    I am one of the Directors of Veeops. We are developing travel software solutions for B2B and B2C business for small to medium companies. We are looking to improve connectivity between the supply chain and help support smaller business operate in a more effective and efficient way by offering modular and low cost solutions that can be connected and grow with your company as well as connect with larger, more complex systems.

  • Viaventure Central America

    Viaventure Central America

    Founded Mar 2001

    I started Viaventure Central America in 2002 with James Goller from a grotty bedsit in Antigua, Guatemala with straw mattresses and a noisey cockrel outside. We grew it with Beat Brunschwiler into a leader of tailor-made travel in the region working closely with staff and suppliers to raise the level of service, authentic products and safe, quality opertions. Always investing in our systems, technology and people Viaventure has grown to operate almost all of Central America and we continue to be one of the most highly respected and valued DMC / Tour Operators in the region.

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  • Dreamcatcher


    Founded Dec 2016

    Dreamcatcher is a social enterprise that I began with my daughter. We believe that nurturing and supporting creativity in children is a key way of supporting their emotional and intellectual growth. It helps children be creative & flexible thinkers, develops their problem solving skills & builds their emotional security & strength. We also believe that art & creativity has a healing power & should be used more to heal. Solving today’s world issues will require increased creativity and we want to play our small part in helping to achieve that.

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  • Travel Kinship

    Travel Kinship

    Travel Kinship is a business consultancy for the travel industry which is aimed at supporting tourism organisations around the world with their general business practices and in particular their sustainable / responsible travel performance and sales & marketing. Helping companies get great at sustainable travel and then leverage that through excellent digital and traditional marketing. The idea is that we do it as a family of members in order to maximize the benefits and impact. TK is a social enterprise and so some of the profits will be used to support smaller, local businesses in developing countries get the kind of proffesional help that they can not normally afford.

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My skills

Social Enterprise

I believe deeply that there must be a better way of doing business and that busines leaders need to drive change in the world. I am now working to gain more experience in the arena of social enterprise and more responsibel & sustainable business practices in general. Quoting from bteam.org, “The vision is a world in which the purpose of business is to become a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit. Where business leaders catalyse a better way of doing business, for the wellbeing of people and the planet.”

Company Culture

A company needs a strong understanding of WHY they are in business, what their purpose is, what values they hold dear and what goals they are aiming for. I work to create and encourage strong company cultures where everyone lives those beliefs and understands their role in sustaining and developing company culture.


Having founded and operated one of Latin America’s leading DMCs Incoming Tour Operators with over 14 years in the travel industry I have a wealth of experience in all areas of tourism and business development in general. Particular areas of expertiese include product development, supplier relations, sales development & marketing, technology & systems, supply chain & client account management. I have a particular interest in sustainable & responsible travel.

Systems & Technology

With an Engineering background I have always been programed to think about how to continualy improve the effectiveness and efficiency of how we do things. I love to use technology & systems development to improve the way we all work together to improve safety, quality & sustainability.

Strategic Thinking

So many organisations lack a true strategy and understanding of what they are trying to achieve, why and how they will gain their targets. I understand how hard it is for business leaders to regularaly take time out to assess their overall strategy and ensure that their organisational structure , HR systems & internal communication has created a “Golden Thread” which links that strategy throughout the organisation. I also understand how crucial it is and how it can in fact save time and effort as well as achieve greater performance in the longer term.

Knowledge Management

I believe deeply in developing ways to capture a company’s knowledge & experience as well as that of it’s employees to improve overall performance, refrain from “re-inventig the wheel” and enable effective succession planning.



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